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Booking Conditions - Please read carefully

Clients of Moss Coaching are requested to observe and adhere to the company's policies for safety and standards.

This includes abiding by the safety procedures and booking procedures shown below . . .





All activities provided by Moss Coaching are delivered by experienced and fully qualified staff. The staff also have the relevant and legally required DBS checks

needed for working under 18's.


Activities are delivered to a standard laid down by the national governing body for that activity. In addition to this, all staff undergo site specific training and endorsement to run activities for Moss Coaching


Details of Moss Coaching Operating Procedures and Risk Assessments are available on request.




Individuals booking on to a course - Bookings will only be confirmed with individuals after a 20% deposit has been paid and the booking form has been filled in and

sent through. A deposit is required no less than two weeks prior to the commencement of a course. Full payment is required if payment is to be made within two weeks of the start of the course.


Business/organisations booking a course- Upon acceptance of a quote provided by Moss Coaching, a 20% deposit is required to confirm the booking. The remaining

amount will then be invoiced and settlement of that amount is required no later than four weeks prior to the course commencement date.


Any reduction in numbers or cancellations by individuals or the group organiser within a four week period of the booked activity will be liable to pay 100% of the

total booking cost.


If during an activity the weather becomes an issue and the chosen activity is deemed unsafe to deliver, an alternative activity will be provided. Failing that, Moss Coaching will be flexible and accommodating to providing another activity session at a later date.


Participants under the age of 18 require parental consent from a parent or legal guardian. This is to be completed and sent to Moss Coaching prior to arrival.


Moss Coaching reserves the right to remove any participant they deem to be acting inappropriately or in an unsafe manner. This includes actions towards staff,

other members of the group and equipment.


Moss Coaching accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal items during activity unless there is strong evidence that the Moss Coaching member

of staff was at fault.


Moss Coaching accepts that whilst there is inherent risk present in activities they deliver, these risks can be kept to an absolute minimum if groups and individuals abide by the safe operating procedures and activity guidelines laid down in the Moss Coaching Safety Policy. It is not expected that clients of Moss Coaching read

this policy but adhere to the activity instructions and safety briefs carried out by Moss Coaching staff.

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